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With the advent of VoIP, the cloud, and new data networking technologies that has led to the rapid changes in the telecommunication industry, many End-Users have found themselves experiencing analysis paralysis, when it comes to the selection of the best business telephone solution for their organizations.


For most organizations, itís a disservice not to upgrade the business telephone system and leverage the inexpensive broadband services that are now available to realize immediate savings, while enhancing functionality and efficiencies.


This decision in many cases can be second only to a real estate transaction. It can be rather disruptive, so itís advantageous to plan for a solution with an extended life cycle.


Let us provide you with a Free Cost and Solutions Analysis illustrating your ROI in 5, 10, and 15 year cycles.


Weíll help you to navigate the Cloud. Donít get lost in the Cloud!


We help you to be on the cutting edge not the bleeding edge of technology!



To rollout your service you will only need three things:

                     An IP PBX system that supports SIP trunks. With NEC systems this is a minor upgrade in many cases.

                     Broadband (internet) access.

                     US to install the service.


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